Smith Design

Artisan Jewelry - Handmade just for You

what we do

We primarily work with sterling or fine silver and copper. Each of our stones is handpicked by us and finely polished to bring out the true beauty of each piece. Quality crafted sure to become an heirloom.

timeless style - beautiful metals - modern ideas - custom work

Sterling silver paired with beautiful semi precious stones are combined with new ideas that are reminiscent of vintage styles with a modern flair.

Copper adornments are ageless and beautiful for women and men of all ages. Up-cycled salvaged copper makes unique, environmentally friendly, truly handsome pieces.

We are alway exploring new ideas crafted from traditional materials.

Let us make a piece for you - See something but its not quite rifght? We would be excited to team with you to create exactly your desire! Start the process by filling out the form supplied!

Welcome to Smith Design